The Brown Grrlz Foundation awards grants to individuals in community looking to advance themselves in some way. Grants are generally awarded to those starting a business, organization, seeking funds for education, career  or spiritual development. We also award grants to individuals looking to grow in areas of musical, performing or visual arts. There is no specific criteria, each category is open to the interpretor, so that applicants have the freedom to envision their ideal situation and we help to provide them the funding to actuate that dream. We also have two programs to assist community members in their development; the Brown Grrlz Academy and the Brown Grrlz Network.

The Brown Grrlz Academy

Programs, workshops, trainings, and retreats are conducted through The Brown Grrlz Academy, where young womyn will learn various things, like: self development, entrepreneurship, leadership and organizing.

The Brown Grrlz Network

We assist individual growth and development by sharing resources, education and funding , which increases the capacity of the community as a whole. We maintain a connection in our community through The Brown Grrlz Network.
Funding Campaign
    We will need to attain a lawyer, complete the 501c3 package from the IRS and register with the SEC and EDGAR. All of these things have fees associated and will be a part of the budget we are asking for funding for.
    As a community foundation we are supported by the community itself and ask that members of the community donate towards grant making. We will be awarding individuals in community with money towards their self development.
    Although we offer a platform for all brown grrlz to have a voice, we also have permanent professional bloggers that write for particular sections. Those bloggers are paid for their contributions to the chronicle.
    We have budgeted into the first funding campaign money to go towards our first fundraising event. Moving forward, hosting various types of events will be one of our main modes of fundraising. The initial event is factored into this budget.
    It is essential that we set the stage and start creating visibility for our community and our foundation early on. This event is intended to introduce ourselves and provide information about who we are and what our intentions are for our community.
    Aside from the fees associated with Incorporation, there are other bills that are accrued, such as website hosting, email and newsletter fees, in addition to supplies and other administrative necessities; this was also factored into the budget.


Individuals looking to advance themselves in some way may apply for this grant. Some examples would be funding towards a time management course, for coaching, or other program that will help towards their growth and developement.


This grant is for those who are interested in pursuing their spiritual goals. They may apply for
funding to take a course, a class, a trip for some form of spiritual healing, develop or join a group or program. There is no restriction on the type of religion or spirtual practice. All may apply.


Those interested in persuing a career in the perfoming arts may apply for this grant. This may include creating an event, taking a class, or needing funding to express a form of creative activity as performed in front of an audience, such as drama, poetry, and dance.


Anyone interested in advancing their career or improving their business nd need funding to help them do so, may apply for this grant. Examples include; coaching, classes, programs, marketing, supplies, inventory etc., as long as it will assist in career and business development.


Individuals looking to start a group, program or organization for gender justice may apply for this grant. This may also be applied to individuals who have internalized roots of gender inequality and grants may be awarded to those looking to heal or overcome these experiences.


All those looking to continue their education in areas of study not generally supported by mainstream academia may apply for this grant. For those looking to pursue study in fields such as nutrition, herbal medicine, reiki, physical training, yoga, dula, etc.
This grant is for those interested in improving their environment. They may be starting a group, program or organization or fighting for something that will improve their environment. This may be interpreted as physical or political, improving ones quality of life in some way.




Those interested in curating an event, taking classes or  simply needing supplies for creating any form of visual  art  such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture may apply for this grant.
Those interested in persuing a career in the musical industry or are looking for financial support toward  expressing their ideas or art through music, or  elements of rhythm, melody, harmony; are encouraged to apply for this grant. All generes of music are welcome.