A Brown Grrl is a cis , trans or gender non conforming person of any skin variation, any size, shape or ability, and may be of any religious or spiritual practice. Brown Grrlz are of any sexual orientation: straight, gay, bi, trans or any other orientation unmentioned. They are of any gender and have a presentation of feminine, masculine or anything in between. Put simply a Brown Grrl self identifies with femmeness. There is no scale, limit or measuring stick. You are the claimer! If you embody brownness and femininity on any level, and you claim Brown Grrl -- then you are a Brown Grrl and this is a home for you!

  1. Theory Building
    We work with a range of professionals, academics, scholars, students, community educators, activists and community members to build ideology and share analysis around the circumstances surrounding our oppressions.
  2. Community Educating
    Programs, workshops, trainings, and retreats are conducted through The Brown Grrlz Academy, where young womyn learn various things like: self development, entrepreneurship, leadership and organizing.
  3. Community Healing
    We assist individual growth and development by sharing resources, creating science, and using our findings to build curricula for our healing retreats; which increases the capacity of the community as a whole.
Sharing Knowledge & Experience
Coming from the "each one, teach one" perspective, we believe that each of us holds within us the capacity to teach our peers through our own experiences. By documenting  our stories and sharing with each other what we have learned along the way on our journeys, we share in the responsibility of educating and uplifting our community. We welcome all Brown Grrlz to submit their stories for publication.
Get Connected
We have multiple tools we use to stay connected to community which also doubles as spaces of visibility, based on the premise that as the invisible is made more visible to the mainstream, we challenge society’s conventional identities and ideologies.  More importantly, we give a more accurate view of brownness and gender, making space for all of our existences. We encourage you to get connected, support our work, share our stories, donate to our cause, blog, Facebook, or follow us on Tumblr and Instagram. Remember we are in this together; each of us add to the collective stand point of our community!